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STACIR Conductor

G Trans Super Thermal Aluminum clad invar reinforced is normally used to up-rate an existing transmission line by simply replacing the existing conductor without tower modification or reinforcement .The center wires are of aluminum-clad invar and the outer layers of super thermal-resistant aluminum-alloy. G Trans High Temperature Low Sag Conductors [HTLS] To address the global demand for Power, launches the G Trans brand of High Temperature Low Sag Conductorsto meet the global power demand. G Trans STACIR New aluminium alloy having high thermal resistance can withstand 210°C without significant loss in strength throughout the life time. The core of low linear expansion Invar is used to address the sag. • G Trans STACIR has the advantage of double Ampacity than a similarly sized ACSR conductor • No modification or reinforcement required for the towers • Invar core is having low thermal Co-efficient of expansion which minimize/equal the sag similar to that of ACSR Conductors


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G Trans STACIR/AW is used to up-rate the existing transmission line by simply replacing the existing conductor without tower modification.


IEC, ASTM and Gupta Power Specification.

Construction of the Conductor

Outer Conductive wire: Super thermal aluminium alloy wire which can continuously operate up to 210°C.

Inner Core wire: Aluminium Clad Invar wire (Invar is a metal which is having 36% Ni in Steel)

Special Features:

Double Amapacity compared to ACSR

Low Sag

High Corrosion resistance


For Uprating Lines :

  • Double Ampacity
  • No modification/Reinforcement of Towers
  • Cost effective

For New Lines :

  • Lesser Tower height

Number of towers can be minimized

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